Our Products

Automation & Control

We are known for providing high quality products and solutions related to automation and control technology, power transmission and distribution (Energy PTD), measurement technology, building technologies, low-voltage controls and distribution, drive technology, safety systems and integration.

Pneumatic Products

We are known for providing extensive range of high quality Pneumatic Products specially engineered to be applied in almost every industry or sector. First bell offers bespoke manufacturing services with a full line of pneumatic products from the leading companies such as Bosch...

Marine Material

We are known for providing top-tier high quality Marine Materials designed specially to work efficiently within the toughest marine conditions. The products we provide are of highest standards that improve your vessel’s design and efficiency, as well as have a reputation of consistent...

Valves and Actuators

We are known for providing substantial range of high quality Valves and Actuators mainly required in process technology plant where liquids, gases, vapors and granulate need to pass through pipelines. Our versatile range of valves and actuators offers superior ease of use...

Pump parts and Accessories

We are known for providing high quality Pump Parts and Accessories based on the precise specifications provided by the clients. No matter what type of pump you are servicing, we have wide range of products you can easily find pump parts and accessories you need or just let us know we can make it available...

Compressors Parts

We are known for providing wide selection of high quality Compressor Parts to various industries and sectors in UAE and other Middle East regions. We are the only supplier in the whole UAE that can cater all your needs related compressors, as we have a comprehensive inventory full of certified parts...

About First Bell

First Bell Global we are one of the leading and well-equipped industrial supply companies in UAE & Middle east . We are known for providing top-tier services to the Chemical, petro-chemical, oil & gas, water and power industries, Cement plants in the region. Our clientele also includes most of the major Refineries, Marine Offshore/Onshore, EPC Contractors and oil companies and other manufacturing industries in the Middle East and South East region. Generally, our products are based on the requirements of the plant engineering and various other industries.

Our Vision

By following our vision, whatever your requirements, first bell global placed to provide an efficient and competitive service with the worldwide manufacturing and supply resources.

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What We Offer?

We offer exemplary support to the local and international logistics.

We can quote successor type of old products with our unbeatable professional product back up.

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Quality Assurance

Instruments and spare parts we sell are 100% genuine materials of highest quality certified with Warranty & Conformity.

We always strive to be competent in cost effective prices for 100% genuine and quality assured products.

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